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Foshan Nanhai Haoteng Packaging Material Factory is located in Daxuetang Industrial Zone, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City. It is close to Shishan Volkswagen Automobile Park and has convenient transportation.

(EPS 、保丽龙、发泡胶)制品:板材、裁片、免模、成型、各种泡沫成型护边护角,工厂品种齐全有 6 米、 3 米、 2 米大板及防火(阻燃)板。 One: Foam (EPS , Polyurethane, Styrofoam) products: sheet, cut pieces, mold-free, molding, various foam molding edge protection corners, the full range of factory has 6 meters, 3 meters, 2 meters large boards and Fire (flame retardant) board. Products are widely used in furniture, electrical appliances, hardware, woodware, crafts, sanitary ware, glass products, construction sites, etc.

(XPS) 、聚苯乙烯保温隔热板,品种齐全,产品广泛应用在楼房的楼面、内、外墙体、冷库墙体、屋顶、车库、路面、路基及各种产品外包装等等方面。 Two: Extrusion board (XPS) , polystyrene insulation board, with a full range of products, products are widely used in the floor, interior and exterior walls, cold storage walls, roofs, garages, pavements, roadbeds and various products Outer packaging and so on.

(EPE) 、厚料、卷料、管材、棒材、 U 型材、异型材及各类护边、护角和深加工。 Three: pearl cotton (EPE) , thick materials, coil materials, pipes, rods, U- profiles, special-shaped materials and various edge protection, corner protection and deep processing.

At the same time, it sells all kinds of packaging materials, auxiliary materials and building insulation materials. Over the years, it has been supported by major manufacturers and its business has continued to expand. It has now developed into a modern enterprise with advanced technology, strict quality control and professional development and design. Therefore, the company's product quality is in a leading position in the industry. Perfect enterprise management and complete department planning are a powerful guarantee for the major manufacturers to obtain the most satisfactory service.
Our company takes "quality is gold, service is heart" as its purpose, implements intimate service, back-to-back trust, and welcome customers to inquire and patronize.

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